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Let us help your Quick Service Restaurant. Achieve POS reliability. 

Reliable Quick Service Restaurant POS

When running a quick service restaurant, your focus needs to be on your customers, not on your POS system.  That’s why we offer a range of tools to ensure that you can offer your customers the best possible experience every time they order with you. From Live Menu Boards, Combo Order Features and Conversational Ordering, we have the system to suit your requirements.


Conversational Ordering

Conversational ordering allows your staff to add specially configured menu items for customers who order these items in no particular sequence.


Hassle-free ordering

Customers expect fast, hassle-free ordering and that is what you can expect from the SwiftPOS point of sale system. From Self-Order Kiosks, Web Ordering, Drive-Thru right through to your staff having the ability to provide mobile POS terminals and kitchen bump screens, we have a variety of ordering and payment methods to suit your QSR business.

Fully Customisable Keyboards


With an unlimited number of layouts available, you have access up to 343,000 different products with just 3 keystrokes. Add in graphics for visual appeal and ease of use, look-up of products and customers using full 30 character descriptions and enjoy the age check hint at top of the screen. Not a lot of other POS providers can offer the same keyboard customisation that we can offer!


Value Add

In competitive environments such as retail liquor, you need tools to help you add value to your customers so that you can compete on more than just price. At Positive Outcomes, we have a range of systems that will enable you to value-add in ways that the larger players in the market simply don’t have the flexibility to achieve

  • Promo vouchers based on products purchased or min spends
  • Advanced “Mix ‘n’ Match” capabilities
  • Advanced search options
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free
  • Customer loyalty systems
  • Integration with major Accounting packages such as MYOB and Quickbooks
  • Create daily/weekly/monthly promotions
  • Voucher issuing based on promotional triggers
  • Sell and redeem multiple gift cards in a single sale
  • Issue and redeem loyalty points for spending

Product Control With Live Servings Tracker

Informs wait staff with a live count of the available servings. Orders taken at the POS will instantly change the available servings remaining when the order is sent to the kitchen. The available serving count is immediately live at all POS terminals including mobiles, reducing over ordering.


Point of Sale (POS) system integration is becoming increasingly important. We understand that businesses can be difficult to manage, especially when dealing with multiple software programs. This is why SwiftPOS are working to link with many well-known software solutions.

Our QSR / Fast Food POS

What else can it do?

You have enough stresses running a QSR, that is why our POS has many automated features and customisable to suit your specific needs.

Generate More Regular & Loyal Customers

We're just not a POS System, we want to help you to gain and retain as many customers as possible with our promotions, specials and advertising features. From triggered vouchers through, tracking customer sales history through to customer facing display advertising, we have a flexible solution to suit your needs.

Offset Wage Increases With Auto Surcharges

Implementing public holiday surcharges can be a great way to help offset these extra wage costs. With SwiftPOS, it is a simple “set and forget” process that can be set-up days (or even months) in advance. Our system can also provide automatic EFTPOS surcharging based on card type.

Dashboard Reporting Tracking Your KPIs

Set your own criteria to measure your success, compare venue locations and dates. Look at live sales from your device in real time, all with our dashboard

Touch Screen Kitchen Video System

An alternative to the traditional kitchen printers, you have the ability to set up kitchen monitors for a more accurate method of tracking orders and delivery times! Track the time since the order was placed, you can easily monitor poor service alerts and keep your kitchen running more efficiently.

Conversational Ordering

Improve your speed of service, ease of ordering, and overall order accuracy with our Conversational Ordering feature

We’re just scratching the surface


From kitchen video screens, drive-thru integration, systems, handheld POS terminals, to live serving trackers, web reporting, online ordering you are just getting a glimpse of SOME of our wonderful point of sale features available to you, but no means all of them! So please book a FREE demonstration and let us show you why we’re one of the leaders in POS solutions.

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