Mobile POS Ordering Restaurant

POS Tablet Software

Hand-Held Mobile Terminals

Replace the pen & pad and increase staff efficiency

Improve & speed up customer service

Increase table turnover

Increase revenue with staff prompting and up-selling features

Customise food and beverage match-ups that can be prompted for service

Minimise the risk for mistakes with live product and serving trackers, by showing the number of remaining orders for the special available, minimising the risk of over-ordering

Take SwiftPOS Mobile further, attach card swipers, allowing staff to provide excellent and on point services to members. Perfect for gaming room customer service.

Customer Kiosks

Perfect for member interaction upon entry into your club.

Custom Kiosk Designer – Position text & graphics for any layout

Award points on entry linked to the gaming system – limited to once per day

Pay membership fees

View vouchers and integrate with 3rd party voucher systems

Play a game with voucher rewards when members win

Portrait or landscape, screen saver FLASH video graphics

Automatic time out, maintaining member privacy if they walk away

Self-Order Kiosk

Self-Order kiosk feature allows customers and members to order ahead or jump the queue

Order & pay at the kiosk with EFTPOS integration

Flexible options to pay at pick-up

Purchase gift cards

Purchase raffle tickets for clubs

Portrait or landscape video screen saver with FLASH video graphics

Custom Kiosk Designer – Position text & graphics for any layout