Point of Sale Hardware

Positive Outcomes is a reseller of hardware and software to the retail and hospitality industries. We provide all inclusive point of sale hardware solutions from the POS terminal to the receipt printer.

"Why can't I find a POS terminal that looks half as good as the rest of my fit-out ....?"

The all-new Yuno POS Terminal

Finally, a POS terminal that is not only functional but also stylish.  The slim-line Yuno terminal has a powerful Quad Core Baytrail processor, 4GB RAM and a 15.1" capacitive touchscreen.

What is more impressive than it's performance, however, is how sleek it will look in your venue.  Available in a high gloss black or white, the Yuno terminal can be wall mounted, screwed into the bench or sit on its integrated stand.  The screen can be tilted through 90 degrees (vertical to horizontal) to allow for all operator heights and glare conditions.

Options include:

  • Built-In Wireless Adaptor 
  • 10.1" Customer Facing Display
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • 1D and 2D (QR Code) Barcode Scanner

With clever cable management, your bar or countertop won't be a tangle of cables and power packs.  This is not only an aesthetic consideration but may also be a safety issue.   

To learn more about the Yuno terminal, click here to view a short video. 

We know you will be impressed ...



The Toshiba TCxWave

The TCxWave terminal has an Intel Celeron Quad Core processor, with up to 8GB RAM and a15"  capacitive touchscreen. Fully functional as a point-of-sale, kiosk or self-service unit, the TCxWave can be positioned in the most logical and advantageous locations without fear of compromising the in-store experience.

TCxWave’s stylish design is based on a distinctive profile that reflects the “thin is in” style of modern consumer electronics.

Options include:

  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • 8GB RAM
  • 18.5" capacitive touchscreen
  • Customer Facing Display




Handheld Devices

A fantastic feature of our software is that we can connect handheld devices to existing tills. This allows your staff access to customers in busy environments and can replace the use of pen and paper. Handheld devices are especially popular amongst our cafe and restaurant clients.