Restaurants & Cafes

When running a restaurant, your focus needs to be on your patrons, not on your POS system.  That is why Positive Outcomes offers a range of tools to ensure that you can offer your customers the best possible experience everytime they dine with you.

Whether you have a bistro style of service, full waiter’s service or a combination of both, Positive Outcomes has the system to suit your requirements.

Our POS systems for restaurants include features:

  • Handheld ordering devices so that orders can be sent to the kitchen directly from the table
  • Advanced Kitchen printing features for either fine dining or bistro service styles
  • The ability to add “free-text” notes to the kitchen for any special orders
  • The ability to not only “split the bill”, but even to split items (e.g. if a bottle of wine has been shared between three people)
  • An option of a kitchen monitor screen instead of a printer
  • The ability to split an order to particular printer areas (e.g. kitchen, cold larder, pizza oven, bar etc.)
  • Full sales analysis, allowing you to analyse your menu mix to achieve the greatest profitability
  • Stock management
  • Test