Multi-site Groups

At Positive Outcomes, we recognise that a hotel is not just one enterprise.  It is, in fact, a number of retail outlets, all with very different requirements and modes of doing business, that just happens to be under the one roof.

The needs of your public bar are very different from that of your bistro, which is different from your bottle shop, which is different from your function room, etc.  Despite these differing requirements at the front end, the various locations throughout your hotel still need to be able to tie together under the one system so that you as a manager can get a clear understanding of your venue’s performance.

Positive Outcomes can assist you to manage all areas of your hotel business.  In particular, we can assist with:

  • Managing your stock
  • Managing your cash
  • Managing your staff
  • Increased sales through highly functioned registers
  • Reduce time spent on administration tasks
  • Reduce downtime with reliable and rugged registers
  • Superior support and backup