Positive Outcomes is proud to support Connecting Hands

Connecting Hands Training Cafe

Connecting Hands is opening a training restaurant/cafe for young women who have been victims of trafficking and sexual slavery in Cambodia.

Connecting Hands works with rehabilitated young women and provides them with vocational training within the hospitality industry as a cook/chefs.

In addition to the providing training, Connecting Hands will take financial responsibility of all our trainees and provide them with a protected and safe environment, access to meals, medical care and a training allowance.

On completion of their training they assist women to find paid permanent employment using their newly established skills. By doing so they assist in empowering women to create a future for themselves, away from poverty, prostitution, human-trafficking & slavery and give them hope for a brighter future.

Connecting Hands will continue to support the young women who receive training from the teaching cafe long after training us completed to ensure that we follow up on their new working conditions, family situations etc. Their aim is to support young women in their emotional and professional development and give them a real chance in rebuilding their new lives.

The training program will be free for the trainees. The costs of running the program is subsidised through the cafes income and generous sponsorship from our supporters.

Based on the principle of helping others to help themselves, all measures will be taken for Connecting Hands Teaching Cafe to become self supporting as quickly as possible therefore not being reliant on long term support from donors.

Funds raised through the Connecting Hands Cafe will go back in to developing reintegration activities to support vulnerable young families in Cambodia & prevent the re occurrence of trafficking.

If you would like to assist connecting hands in their efforts, please visit