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6 Gift Card Ideas You Can Utilise This Holiday Season & Into 2020!

Not sure how or why you would introduce gift cards? Here are 6 gift card ideas you can utilise this holiday season & into 2020

You don’t have to think about a gift card as financial, it could be a percentage off or special offer. Think about how to get people back into your venue.

1. The Dreaded KK (Kris Kringle)

Your customers have been given the task of finding a KK present, but they have absolutely no idea what to get! What if they visit your venue and see a sign saying “KK gift cards available. Let us do the hard work for you!”

It is a win, win for all.. you make a sale (and potentially a new customer from the KK recipient) and they have one more gift off their shopping list.

2. The Unhappy Customer

No business likes to have an unhappy customer, but what if you could smooth it over by offering a complimentary ‘gift card?.’ They will be a return customer to use the gift card and you get to provide a second impression.

3. Venue Gift Card

Gift cards can be a year-round purchase item. It doesn’t have to be Christmas to offer a venue gift card – change the signage for special occasions e.g birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc.

Plus offer an extra incentive “with every gift card purchased receive – (insert incentive to the purchaser)” e.g a free jug of beer, half price main meal, 2 for 1, 20% off main meals for 6 months etc. Put an incentive to purchase a gift card and think about how to get people back into your venue.

4. Sponsorship

You currently sponsor or have been asked to support your local sporting club, school, fundraiser, etc. Gift cards don’t have to be a dollar value $$$…. what about offering a percentage off? E.g giving all the players a 10% off gift card to use for the season? Test out to see if it works and continually test out the % point that will generate the greatest ROI. It may be 20% off? The decision is yours.

5. Loyalty/Raffle

Why not utalise the gift cards monthly? Run a raffle with the lucky loyal customer getting a venue gift card!

6. Christmas Gift/Hampers

If you are creating Christmas Hampers as prizes/gifts… include a gift card – the more exposure to your venue the better.. and remember it doesn’t have to be dollar value, you can put in a % off into the hamper.

Did you know that SwiftPOS has a Powerful Gift Card Feature?

If you don’t already have gift cards in your venue, now’s a perfect time before the holiday rush begins. Get in touch with us and we will walk you through setting up the gift card feature!

Need help to set up Gift Cards? Call 03 9852 3330 or email support here. We would love to assist you.