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Black Friday – Using Reports To Think Strategically

Black Friday/Cyber Monday, it’s crazy and one of the biggest sale events of the year.


You may have offered

  • A storewide sale
  • Special ‘Black Friday Meal Deal’ even a
  • ‘Have a beer on us for all that hard shopping’ offer

Whatever your Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal of choice was, we had a few strategic thinkers amongst our customers – which we loved, and of course, happy to share with you.


This example is a golf club, more specifically the ‘Pro Shop’


The idea for the Pro Shop was to use this unique opportunity to really review and drill down on the products that were not big sellers for the year and offer the Black Friday specials on the “50 least sold products”


To help them work out what these products included, we generated a report called our “Top-Bottom Selling Items Report”


Moving stock was the name of the game and the ‘Top-Bottom Selling Items Report’ from the SwiftPOS was the tool to get them the data they need.


Let’s talk report specifics and features:

Top-Bottom Selling Items Report can be broken into three criteria:
1. Dollar Value
2. Quantity Sold
3. Gross Profit

Not only that the report can be the:
1. 50 Top Selling Products by Dollar Value Qty Sold or GP
2. 50 Bottom Selling Products by Dollar Value, Qty Sold or GP


What this means is using this kind of report not only during the Black Friday sales, but anytime when you want to analyse how your business is tracking.


Here is a sample of the report (click to zoom)

If you would like to demonstration on not only this report, but SwiftPOS as a whole, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our sales team at [email protected] or call (03) 9852 3330